Отзывы Hyland's, NuAge, #8 Мат Фос. (Фосфат Магния) 125 таблеток

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  • Категория: Препараты для ЖКТ
  • Производитель: Hyland's
  • Оригинальное название: Hyland's, NuAge, No 8 Mag Phos, Magnesium Phosphate, 125 Tablets
  • Артикл: HYL-60208
  • Размеры: 10.4 x 7.9 x 3.3 cm
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Hyland's, NuAge, #8 Мат Фос. (Фосфат Магния) 125 таблеток
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  • Homeopathic Tissue Remedy
  • For the Temporary Symptomatic Relief of the Symptoms of Gastric Disturbances, Muscle Pain.

Mag Phos is indicated for relief of symptoms of nerve pains, like muscle cramps & headaches, accompanied by shooting, darting stabs of pain.

Muscular twitching, cramps, muscle strains, hiccups, convulsive fits of coughing, and flatulence are all indications for Mag Phos. It also relieves menstrual pains and stomach aches. Symptoms are often worse from cold and touch and better with pressure, rubbing, warmth, and bending double.


Gastric Disturbances: Includes a wide range of ailments characterized by painful or uncomfortable symptoms associated with the function of digestion. Mag Phos is indicated with a feeling of gas with flatulence and belching or intense pains and cramps of the stomach that are relieved with hot drinks. Muscle pain: Mag photos is the tissue remedy to consider for relief of symptoms of cramping or shooting pains with an acute stabbing, burning sensation similar to those experienced with calf cramps and menstruation.

Формула: Magnesia Phosphorica 6X HPUS в основе лактозы NF.

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