Отзывы Hyland's, NuAge, Tissue D Акне 125 таблеток

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Hyland's, NuAge, Tissue D Акне 125 таблеток
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  • Homeopathic Tissue Remedy
  • For Temporary Symptomatic Relief of Acne & Minor Skin Ailments

This remedy is a natural combination of homeopathic biochemic tissue salts useful in the relief of scaling skin, minor skin ailments, & eczema with no side effects.

Kali Mur, Kali Sulph, and Silica, in combination, are useful in alleviating problem skin conditions. Eruptions, general skin discharges, and general skin conditions with a tendency to suppurate and heal slowly are all indications for the tissue remedies included in the combination remedy Tissue D for Acne.


Tissue D contains the following: Kali Mur: For the symptoms of acne and other skin conditions with vesicles containing thick, white contents. Kali Sulph: For relief of the symptoms of burning, itching eruptions, and fine red pimples. Calc Sulph: For the relief of symptoms of skin affections with yellowish scabs. Silica: For the relief of symptoms of skin eruptions with plus formation.

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